Selecting The Best Inflatable Boat

When you need to buy an inflatable boat, there are some factors that you first have to consider.
They include:

  • The amount of money you’re going to spend
  • Where you’ll keep the boat when it’s not in use
  • How to launch the inflatable boat in water
  • The number of people who’ll be in the boat
  • The outboard motor to use

Inflatable Boats are normally a great buy. But this depends on if you select wisely. But how do you make the decision when you want to choose the best one? Which other factors are you going to consider? How do you ensure that you don’t spoil your fishing adventure by purchasing a wrong one? The following factors may help you in picking the best inflatable boat.

Hypalon versus PVC

The boats are constructed from either Hypalon or PVC. The trade-off here is between durability and cost. PVC is quite popular since it’s affordable and lightweight. It’s folded easily and is remarkably strong. However, PVC remains prone to extended exposure to weather elements of heat, humidity and sunlight.

On the other hand, Hypalon is expensive, weighty and very robust fabric. This is the reason why it’s used commonly in construction of heavy-duty RIBs. Therefore, your purchasing decision should depend partly on budget and partly on your intended usage. When you need your boat ready-built and exposed routinely for frequent use, the answer is Hypalon. But when you need a more compact and portable inflatable boat for less regular usage and for stowing away between outings, then a modern and lightweight craft is going to prove to be a better choice. Consider longevity, cost and portability when comparing Hypalon and PVC.

Rigid Slats versus Air Deck

The boats come with either a rigid floor designed from interlocking aluminum or plywood slats or an inflatable air deck’. For low weight, ride comfort, simplified assembly process and softness under knees, high pressure air floor is perfect. But for higher speed operation, with less flex, more efficient power use, greater structural rigidity, the better bet is a hard deck. However, be aware that rigid deck slats do possess a habit of trapping unsuspecting fingers with merciless regularity.

Additional Assets

Even on a low budget, basic accessories such as seats, oars, repair kit, pump, carry bag and lifting points should be included in the cost. However, you should look also for multiple air chambers for your safety and inflatable thwart for additional strength. Those having pronounced inflatable keel have improved directional stability, and the optional tabs and fins may help tweak the handling. When you need to purchase a small outboard, consider electric power for cleaner and simpler transport and stowage.

The RIB Option

Rigid inflatable boats are an option bringing a lot of benefits on the table like far better sea-keeping abilities and vastly improved performances plus nearly unlimited options for style and sizes. However, they normally cost more when compared to simple inflatable boats. Their portability is also not much different from fiberglass boats of the same size. These aspects make RIBs an entirely different type of choice.

What About Pontoon Inflatable Boats?

When you need to go fishing you just need a boat which lets you reach remote lake areas, an inflatable pontoon boat is a perfect choice. There are also some few things to consider when you need to buy this kind of boat.

Some areas that you should take into account are the shell, frame, bladders and size. Inflatable pontoon boats may have frames either made of steel or aluminum. Those made from steel are cheaper, though you need to regularly inspect it for signs of rust. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and will be lighter in weight. However, you are going to pay a higher price for it.

Size also matters when it comes to selecting the best inflatable pontoon boat. When you need a boat which is more stable (if you plan to do fly fishing), you’ll want a larger one.

Consider also the kind of bladders used when purchasing an inflatable pontoon boat. These are made either of vinyl or urethane. The latter is the more expensive option, but they’re lighter in weight and tougher. This will make your boat last long, and you will not sacrifice concerning weight; therefore you may be high still in water.

Lastly, you can go to websites like Top Inflatable Boats that sell these boats and read inflatable boats reviews from customers. This is also important since you may get significant clue on the best inflatable boat to buy.